Dustin LJ.

Hi there! My name is Dustin LJ. Thank you so much for stopping by my portfolio. I am a business owner and a certified fitness trainer. I graduated my class from the Ashworth Collage with Honors in December of 2021. 

I am the owner and operator of ABSIDEON Fitness and part owner of a local delivery business called DnJ Deliveries. 





I got my first gym membership when I was 16 and joined the Canadian Armed Forces when I was 19. I did lots of my training with the 3PPCLI in CFB Edmonton and was an infantry soldier in the Canadian Scottish Regiment for 5 years.



My style of fitness training is geared towards group fitness classes where I help my clients build strong habits that will help them achieve their health and fitness goals as well as building teamwork skills. I also do online training and programs.





My goal is to create a world class team of trainers with a wide range of expertise so we can continue to help clients and athletes of all sorts reach their individual goals.